What do we offer that others don't? A no strings attached 6 month warranty on all refurbished joysticks, control modules, and repairs, from a real  wheelchair repair shop. We have over 10 years experience in electric wheelchairs and repairs.

 You may find cheaper used joysticks and hand controls online, but many parts are sold as-is or just guaranteed to work when you get them. What  happens when the joystick you buy stops working in a couple of weeks or months? Most the time you're on your own. Not with ours, we will be just a  phone call or email away, should you have any problems. Like we have been for our many customers for years!

 If we don't see your part needed, give us a call at 806-416-1381. We have many more parts in our warehouse that can be fixed up  for you.  

Rememeber, if you don't see your joystick, we can repair yours!

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Wheelchair Electronics Repair will be closed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for Thanksgiving holidays.

Dynamic Wheelchair Controller Part DL50UEH3

6 months warranty. $185 + $15 shipping. Only shipped to USA addresses. We accept PayPal or call 806-416-1381 to order by credit card. Thank you!